In Oruro

Pastor Willson Eulate is our partner pastoring a church in Oruro, a city that has long been plagued with witchcraft and Satanic worship.  The area around Oruro is full of old tin and silver mines.  Within each mine, there is a statue of Satan who the miners call Tio.  According to the miners, Tio is in control of everything underground so the miners give offerings to the statue of cigarettes, cocoa leaves and alcohol.

It was a little more than four years ago that Willson took over a church in Oruro that was slowly dying and he has turned it around.  He holds many events for young people and many are turning to Christ.  A couple of years ago he moved his family into the church to live so that he could be more available and save money to raise his family.  He has had many struggles but the Spirit of God is working through him.  Below he is pictured with his family and Ron.