Evangel Fellowship International

Evangel Fellowship International is a fellowship of churches and ministers dedicated to developing and promoting unity and strength among its members.

Membership with Evangel Fellowship International provides recognition by a body of international leaders, attesting to your integrity, both personal and professional.

Our lead missionaries, Ron and Rhonda, are both licensed and ordained through Evangel Fellowship and Lovely Feet Ministries is also a ministry submitted to and enjoying the covering of Evangel.

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Spirit Led Expeditions

Eric Lovin is a missionary to Peru and the founder of Spirit Led Expeditions, Inc, practically sharing the message and love of Christ with the Quechua people of Peru near Cusco. Spirit Led has shares and ministers in a practical and culturally-relevant way. Their current and long-term focus is reaching out to, serving and equipping the Quechua people of Peru–a largely unreached and unengaged people with a need for the transforming and loving power of the Gospel.

They fulfill a calling to make “disciples,” not “converts,” therefore their heart is discipleship and seeing local believers grow in their walk with Christ and impact their own community and people. Spirit Led is currently working largely in the community of Pucamarca,outside of Chinchero, Peru.

In addition to our daily work among the Quechua, they host several short-term teams, families and interns throughout the year. They would love to have you come visit! To the adventure…

Their website is at

Word Made Flesh, Bolivia

Word Made Flesh is called and committed to serve Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor. In Bolivia that means reaching out daily to those caught in the slave trade of prostitution in order to share with them abundant life in Jesus.

This amazing ministry is led by Andrea and Andy Baker, folks we at Lovely Feet like to call superheroes of the faith.  But they are not alone, this is a great team effort and it takes a lot of support in both prayer and finances.  Check out their website here and be sure and watch some awesome videos of trials and triumphs.

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Medfund is an amazing ministry of Joey Kittelson, a third generation missionary in Bolivia.  Medfund provides medical help when there is no other options available.  In Bolivia, there is no public healthcare.  It is a pay as you go system and if you don’t have the money, you often cannot receive medical care of any kind.  If you don’t have the money for medications, then you must go without-no matter the consequences.  Medfund steps in and provides help, often saving the very lives of those they touch.  Visit this ministry here where immediate needs are posted regularly:  Donations for Medfund can be received by Lovely Feet Ministries on this website by writing a note in the donor line that simply says Medfund.


Cup Of Cold Water Ministries

Cup of Cold Water Ministries led by their Executive Director, Dan Hennenfent, is a sponsoring organization that works with many missionaries.  They are a community-based, non-denominational Christian organization with headquarters in Northern Illinois. CCWM began in 1978 with the modest goal of helping small Bolivian farmers in the lower Andes to have better transportation for their produce. Today, CCWM sponsors ministries in four countries, Bolivia, Thailand, Mongolia, and Mexico.  They also arrange and support short term trips.

More information can be found at their website