Rhonda and I have been on the phone with Pastor Jose Luis, our missionary partner, and Maria Abigail who calls us Aunt and Uncle.  Several weeks ago she fell and ruptured her liver and I sent out a desperate plea for help to pay for two surgeries to save her life.  You may recall that the hospitals in Peru and Bolivia will not do surgeries unless you can pay for it.  The doctors said she would die without the surgery and frankly, they didn’t believe she was going to make it anyway.   But Maria is one of our own and our missionaries and our prayer warriors hit their knees all over the world.

Many of you sent the money we needed and Maria had her first surgery.  She fought back from infection in an induced coma, but then she needed another surgery.  You responded again and the second surgery was performed.  Again, Maria fought infection and finally, she recovered and has left the hospital.  The doctor himself proclaimed it a “miracle.”

Maria is now at home and as I said, she has been talking with us, thanking us and telling us to thank you.  She has a long recovery ahead of her-the doctors say 6 months, but because of God’s hand and your response, our Maria lives and looks forward to seeing us soon.

Thank you all.  I can’t really explain what it is like to have no insurance, to go to a hospital that is only for the poor where many die, and what people like Maria face.  All I can say really is thank God, Maria walked out.  Thank you all again.  Your giving saved this young lady’s life.  That is no exaggeration.  You have been used by God, his hands in this world.