Lovely Feet Board Members

Brian & Norma DeMotts

Ron and Brian originally met when Ron saw this crazy mailman singing “Hallelujah’s” while delivering the mail.  That mailman was Brian DeMotts.  He delivered more than just the mail, he delivered the presence of God daily.  

As it turned out, Brian was the worship leader at his church and Norma was the church secretary.  Brian later became a deacon and then, an elder.  Together Brian and Norma started home group meetings and mentored too many young Christians to count.  Norma is a prayer warrior and has always been one of the first calls Ron and Rhonda make when in need of prayer.  You can’t find a finer example of Christianity than these two and Lovely Feet is blessed to have them.


Tim McMeem

Tim McMeen is the second youngest child of Ron and Rhonda Haynes. He has been involved with various forms of ministry throughout his life. After graduating high school, Tim became a full time member of the New Life Drama Company for two years wherein he was blessed to be able to preach the gospel through the arts of Theatre and Music all across the country. After completing his time with the New Life Drama Company, Tim was given the opportunity to visit Bolivia and meet some of Lovely Feet’s wonderful ministerial partners while experiencing the rich and beautiful culture of the Bolivian and Aymara people. While there, Tim was inspired by the passionate pursuit of a greater knowledge of God and His calling on our lives that the natives Bolivians displayed. He has since had a desire to be a part of Lovely Feet Ministries and the good work that God is doing through them. Following the Drama Company Tim married his wife Jessie and they have been happily married for 6 years and have since spent time as youth pastors at Christian Life Church in Herrin, IL for a year as well as volunteer in local theatre and music ministry in the Central and Southern Illinois regions. Jessie has recently graduated Illinois State University as a Deaf Educator and Tim is Currently in school at Southern Illinois University for Special Education.