In La Paz

Gethsemani is a church located in the heart of the capital city of La Paz in a building well known by its citizens as a former strip club and brothel.  It was miraculously taken over by Pastor Obed when they were asked to leave the small basement they rented about a mile away.  Pastor Obed and his faithful church members prayed to occupy the three-story building even though they didn’t have any money.

Pastor Obed recalled the story saying that his core group were in a circle joined hand in hand asking for the finances that would enable them to find a new home in that recently vacated building, when out of nowhere a coin rolled into the middle of the group.  He had no idea how that was possible.  They were in a closed basement and the whole group took it as a sign that the money would roll in.

That week he began talks with the owner of the three story and they reached an agreement, but Pastor Obed would need the deposit within a week.  It seemed completely out of reach.  But from all directions miracles happened, the money did come in on the last day of the deadline and that faithful group took over.  They put a restaurant on the first floor and Pastor Obed quit his regular job to run it.  The second floor became the church and the third floor where pole dances used to take place became the church offices.  That was in 2017 and there they remain.

Pastor Obed leads the services, evangelism and teaching.  He has youth meetings, Christmas banquets, a banquet for the young ladies dedicating themselves to Christ, baptisms and conferences.  For more on Pastor Obed and Gethsemani you can find regular posts on his facebook page Gethsemani Zona Central.